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León's Metropolitan Park consists of 337 hectares of a natural protected area which 85% of them correspond to the El Palote dam, nourishing the animal and flora wildlife that blooms in the area. Among the 204 different species that can be found are pelicans, Canadian ducks, seagulls, storks and other migrating birds.

This natural forest provides a recreational area to the more than one million visitors each year, making it an ideal location for people interested in outdoor sports. The park has two twin tracks with more than 7 kilometers long around the water body for both runners and cyclists who can marvel at the beautiful natural landscapes the place provides.


The park offers camping zones, restroom facilities, restaurants, medical clinics and other services all year long. It is also the location where a huge amount of world class events take place around the year such as the world's third largest International Hot Air Balloon Festival and  among dozens of athletic races and cultural events.

León's Metropolitan Park is a must visit touristic attraction for every visitor that travels to Guanajuato. It has plenty of activities such as adventuring in a boat ride to discover the 300 year old ruins "Las Ruinas de la Hacienda" flooded by the making of the dam, riding a wheel-based train around it, enjoying a family picnic and a stroll through its forests, visiting the city's miniature replica "Ciudad Infantil", dedicated to educate the young ones about civil rights and duties, and marveling with the water sports that take place in The Palote dam.


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